LIBERATO begins February 2022

5 weeks as an Apprentice live with Kasia
Coming soon - as an Independent Learner duration 3 months Type something

Welcome Light Beam!

I'm so happy you found your way here.
Whether you are newly awoken, and curious about what you are meant to do in this lifetime, or you suspect you might have psychic abilities and don't know what to do next..
Trust that you were guided here

About Kasia

Kasia is a Melbourne based past life healer, 6th generation psychic, psychic development teacher, and creator of Earth School.  

She helps her clients to move from EGO state of being and into the FLOW state. When we learn how to connect to our intuition, remember our psychic gifts, and heal past life wounds, we learn how to navigate through this earth life more peaceful, more loving and more purposeful.
 When we start to live in FLOW we live larger, we see more of our limitless potential and we love deeper.

Kasia believes that by changing our energy first we become catalysts for change for others.

   Kasia mentors limited numbers of students wishing to awaken and strengthen their psychic gifts.
 She's also, speaker and founder of the spiritual podcast Soul led, Spirit driven

Work with me
1:1 Sessions

Soul Path Session
Healing Session

Earth School

Enrol in Earth School for all your Soul learnings, Psychic knowings, and human healings
Earth School is the manual to help Souls navigate and expand in this human life

Programs and Courses

Coming soon...

Psychic Mentoring

Kasia has limited spaces available for Psychic Mentoring. This is for you if you want to develop, refine your Psychic abilities, or take them to the next level. Look out for the next intake for Illuminate

 "Kasia is the real deal! I’ve worked in the spiritual realm for a while and Kasia’s gifts are out of this world. She can actually tell you your past lives, your purpose and your own gifts. I’ve done many of Kasia’s sessions including Life Path Session the Unveiling. Both were amazing and life change for me. I recently did her 3 new workshops Portal of Creation- Vasana & Astral & Limitless. These 3 workshops help to manifest our desires, heal our past life wounds and visual and action the very person you want to be. They are brilliant you dig deep into who you are and you remove blocks, you feel lighter and like you can do anything you want. Kasia stands right along side you, she is warming caring and hilarious. She cares about her clients and goes above and beyond. If you get a chance to works with this extraordinary woman DO IT, you won’t look back. Thank you Kasia for changing my life

Tracey Lee
Witch - Healer - Teacher - Enchantress

" Kasia has the most incredible gift. After my Life Path reading, I understand exactly why I was drawn to her. I loved learning about my souls journey, gifts and life’s purpose. She is kind in her approach which made it easy for me to open up. I will deeply treasure this experience. Thank you Kasia

Kym Bowman

Want my super powerful, free visualisation that helps remove and clear clutter, and negative thoughts? This will also be super helpful to become a clear channel to your Guides and hear their messages clearly